Ribe Historiske Jernbane Model Selskab (english)


There are 22,000 nails, 6,000 sleepers. And a whole forest of realistic-looking trees in miniature format.
For more than 28 years, Claus, Jens and Anders have been building a model of Ribe Station and the surrounding area and buildings.
The model offers a historically accurate journey back in time to 1928.
The films show the work, the fellowship and the historical knowledge that Claus, Jens and Anders share.


Model building is the natural meeting point. But the camaraderie goes further than their shared interest. Claus, Jens and Anders also support each other in the autumn of their years.
“We accept each other’s terms,” as Anders says.

The Historical Laboratory

Ribe is oozing with history.
A curious tourist arrives in the town and decides to discover what’s hidden here.
Along the way he meets Claus, Jens and Anders, who help us on our way.

The train shed in Ribe

Claus has built a faithful model of the old train shed in Ribe.
What is a train shed? And what is it used for?
And how do you construct French joints and a roof edge on a scale of 1:89?
We visit the original building and take a tour in Claus’ model.

A Journey of Discovery

Imagine sitting in a train carriage from 1929 and seeing Ribe glide by outside the window.
Join us on a very special model railway journey through the set which Claus, Jens and Anders have been building for 28 years.

Model Building

Claus and Anders show how they build their models.
What materials and tools do they need?
And how do you do it, when you have to make rails, four-bar fences, brickwork and a signalman’s hut?
Get the experienced model builders’ tips and tricks.